Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meet Little Toby newest member of the Wild, Wild, Westies aka "The side kick".

Here is my little love Toby. He is the son of Malcolm and Izzie. He is 8 weeks today. We waited along time for this little guy. Malcolm and Izzie have had beautiful pups, and I knew one day that I would keeping back one of their sons. This was Malcolm and Izzie's last litter together, so no time to wait. This little boy was one of 6 pups,4 of them males. He just stood out among the rest and it was love at first sight. His bothers and sisters went to their new homes on Saturday, so I have had a weekend to take so many pictures. This is just the beginning. He is very photogentic.


  1. Howdy, lil guy!! He sure is a cutie!!!

    [Gotta go covfur Momma's eyes so's she don't get puppy fever!!!]